yes, I am still here

it's been ages and ages since I've posted here. For the past months, I've had, well, not much to say. And also too much to say.   And all of that nothingness and too-muchness swirling around my mind as the


If you've ever taken a yoga class, you know savasana. (pronounced "Shavassana")) It's the final pose, and the translation from the Sanskrit is "Corpse pose". (svana=corpse, asana=pose) It's when you lay down, body supported, all muscles relaxed, and do....nothing. Maybe

Another Rosh Hashanah, more Sharon Salzberg…Begin Again

Tonight is a very auspicious time to blow the dust of this blog and post. Once again, we are in the Days of Awe, the ten days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. And tonight, I saw Sharon Salzberg speak

When Doing Nothing Is Doing Something

I wanted one thing this New Year's Eve: quiet. relaxation. Nothing to do. Luckily, the best friend wanted the same thing. We drove just shy of two hours away, to a small town, with a small historic inn that has


(Amy and me, at another friend's wedding, 7 days before she died.)   Tomorrow, it will be 17 years. I got the phone call from someone who didn't really know Amy, so when he was acting strange, and told me

the time when I mastered technology that a 3rd grader could use…to make a sample guided meditation

Okay, so I'm with the times. I have a smart phone, a tablet, and a laptop.   I am also fond of telling stories--particularly to those considerably younger than I am--that make me sound like a 100-year-old woman with a

Yoga On Wednesdays

(this was originally written on April 6, 2013) I had just arrived, hadn’t even unpacked yet, when my father said to me: “hey…sometime this week, I’d like it if you’d teach me some yoga.” “Uh.....sure," I replied, willing my jaw

Kimberly: Endless Inspiration

(that time we ran into each other in NYC waiting for our respective buses back to Baltimore) I went to a farewell dinner for a dear friend tonight. It was, of course, bittersweet: I’m so happy for her, she’s going


Last week I was on a family vacation at Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks. I was really excited, because for as much of a city mouse as I am, I LOVE nature. And this is some serious nature! The Seqouias