About E.B. Wexler

meE.B. Wexler, LCSW-C  is  a writer, a clinical social worker, an educator, a kids yoga teacher, and a trained mindfulness facilitator.  She has been practicing clinical social work for 25 years, working with a variety of populations. Her current role is running a program to improve outcomes in behavioral health crises when law enforcement is involved.  This includes, but is not limited to, training the entire police force who patrol the mean streets of Baltimore, Maryland. (yes, that Baltimore.) 

She has been published on the Manifest Station (www.themanifeststation.net), Patch.com, SPARK (www.getsparked.org), www.chronicallywhole.com,  and Smile Hon, You’re In Baltimore!

In 2005, she co-created a children’s program teaching mindfulness at the Baltimore Shambhala Center, which is still going strong. She has completed teacher trainings in Radiant Child (http://childrensyoga.com/) , Street Yoga (www.streetyoga.org), and Prison Yoga Project (http://prisonyoga.org). She has taught kids yoga in a studio, in homeless shelters and transitional housing, led a mindfulness group at a homeless clinic, and in July 2016 she completed the Facilitator Training Institute for SHINE (http://centerformindfulawareness.org/).  She is currently in in training to become an 200-hour registered yoga teacher (RYT 200).

Her passion for writing and her passion for mindfulness practice can no longer compete, so she finally embraced the fact that it is all one practice.