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yes, I am still here

it’s been ages and ages since I’ve posted here.

For the past months, I’ve had, well, not much to say. And also too much to say.   And all of that nothingness and too-muchness swirling around my mind as the chaos of the situation in this country (well, the world, but especially here) unfolds and exhausts me every day before lunch.

I tend to use whatever energy I have for #resistance, so I haven’t been doing much of my own writing.

I have, however, been in yoga teacher training (#YTT) since January. I guess that is also where a lot of my “words” go, whether spoken, written, or just expressed through the body.

it’s sort of like….so much is happening, energetically, that writing about it just not where I’m at. And that is new for me-writing about what’s going on is how I process my life, the world around me. It always has been.

I guess there are times beyond words.


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